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Sanidhapa Band Members

Shan Dias

Shan is the man who keeps the Sanidhapa together, and that's not just it. He's our lead guitarist as well. He's a pretty good manager, but when it comes to his guitar skills, he's in a class of his own. He has taken the band international including Middle East, Europe, Australia, America and Canada. He was born on 20th of April and went to St. Xavier's School, Ja-Ela. Shan gets his inspiration from great bands such as Santana and Red hot chili peppers and spends his time listening to their music. He does a great job keeping all the kids together.

Chandana Jayathilaka

Chandana plays the Keyboard and has been with us from the very beginning. Before joining Sanidhapa he has been with Melodians and Sunshine. His profession is also his hobby. It's hard for the gang to separate him from his keyboards. He's a huge fan of Yanni. He was born on 25th of July and studied at Bolawalana Maha Vidyalaya, Negombo.

Dikson Fernando

When it comes to playing the bass guitar, Dickson is in a class of his own. He does equally well with his voice. He likes to party and can be seen playing and singing along with friends. Dickson was born on 3rd of May and went to Pitipana M.M.V, Negombo.

Ajith Gamage

Ajith is our very own percussionist. He has brought many fresh ideas to Sanidhapa band. He was born on 24th of December and went to Sri Siddhartha Kumara Maha Vidyalaya, Gampaha. Although he prefers the Octapad he's very talented in all sorts of drums including Bongo and Conga.

Prasanga Thissera

Prasanga plays the drums. He's got some marvelous skills with the sticks and he's an awesome singer with a charming voice as well. He went to Gonsalvez College. He was born on 21st of September. Prasanga keeps Sanidhapa without missing a single beat.

Sanju Perera

Sanju is the rhythm guitarist of Sanidhapa. But he also sings. It's hard to distinguish what he's better at because his guitar skills are perfectly matched by his voice. If you think that's amazing, he also composes elegant music. He was born on 18th of July and went to St. Xavier's College, Marawila. It's hard for someone to beat this triple threat and we are glad that he's on our side.


A-Jay, the one who is leading the western side of the band. His western style singing is matched by no one. He's not all show no go either and got few singles to prove that. A-Jay has an advance diploma in Audio Engineering and a skilled announcer as well. He was born on 20th of May and went to St. Peter's College, Colombo 04.

Gayan Sankamadu

Gayan Sankamadu is the newest member of Sanidhapa lineup. And he is the new front line singer. He is the brother of former Sanidhapa band leader Sangeeth Wijesooriya. He was a student of Minuwangoda central college. 31st of December is Gayan's birthday.

Nilan Hettiarachchi

Nilan is the newest lead singer in Sanidhapa family, mainly he sings Hindi and Tamil songs, and he is having his very own famous songs as well. He was the first runner up in Sirasa supers star season seven and he was a main vocalist in few of Sri Lankan famous bands.he was born in 20th of June. .